El Jamón Ibérico

Ham is one of the most typical and well-known products of Spanish gastronomy, as well as one of the most appreciated. However, can you tell which one has more quality?

At Spaniard we want you to expand your knowledge of Spanish gastronomy, so that you can appreciate the differences and variety of flavours that ham offers you. With this small guide we put at your disposal a tool that will allow you to choose better and define your taste within the variety of types of Iberian Hams that exist.

jamon iberico de bellota


Pigs raised in the wild and fed exclusively on acorns and herbs.

jamon iberico Cebo de Campo

cebo de campo

Pigs reared in freedom and fed mainly on pasture and natural feed.

jamon iberico


Pigs bred in captivity and fed on cereals and commercial feed.


Products coming from 100% Iberian breed pigs, raised in freedom and fed mainly on acorns and other grasses.

Jamón Ibérico


Products coming from pigs 75% – 50% Iberian breed, raised in freedom and fed mainly on acorns and other grasses.


Productos procedentes de cerdos 75% – 50%raza Ibérica, criados en libertad y alimentados a base de pastos y piensos naturales.

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