The following payment methods are available for the purchase or contracting of services on this website:

Credit Cards

Admitted credit and debit cards VISA and Mastercard.the management of payments via card will be made through a secure gateway CECA to your bank, and secure protocols HTTPs on our server, not having Spaniard Club Iberico S.L. in any case access to the data of your card.


You will be safely redirected to the official PAYPAL website, where you will enter your username and password to make the payment.

Bank Transfer

Once you have completed your order, you can make a bank transfer, or direct deposit at the window, to the following account:

Holder: Spaniard Club Iberico S.L.
Bank: Ibercaja
IBAN:ES08 2085 8249 3703 3021 3831

You will receive our bank details in the order confirmation email. Please note that transfers take one or two days to become effective on our account. As soon as we confirm receipt of the amount, we will proceed to send the order. However, in order to be able to advance this shipment, you can send us your proof of transfer to

Payment methods for the rest of the world.

Currently, Spaniard Club Iberico S.L. does not have available its online store for destinations outside the European Union. Nevertheless, it will be possible to study each particular case by means of previous consultation through our contact form.

It is a fundamental target of Spaniard Club Iberico S.L. to offer the maximum possible facilities to be able to buy our products and services. If you have any doubt regarding the different payment channels, or need some form of special payment, or fractional payment, let us know through our contact form:

Formulario de contacto