Spaniard Club Iberico S.L. has carefully selected all the suppliers of the products exposed here. All the products have been submitted to a careful quality control, and they go out to the market according to the standards homologated by the mark.
Personal opinions on the salt or curing point will not be considered product defects unless the label indicates otherwise.
The product will be considered defective if the product is received opened, broken or if it gives off an unsuitable smell. In such a situation, the customer has up to 7 days after receiving the product to contact Spaniard Club Ibéricos S.L. who will inform of all the steps to follow to process the return.
Once received the returned products in our warehouse and after the verification of the good state of these, it will be proceeded in function of the desire of the client, to the refund of the amount paid in a maximum term of thirty (30) days or the shipment of a product of the same characteristics. In case the product is incomplete, Spaniard Club Ibéricos will invoice the client in an approximate way what has been consumed before making the return.