The best Iberian Ham marriage

Today, where the world of cooking is becoming pure science, we are getting used to hearing about minimalist dishes, with small bites, that create explosions of flavor in the mouth, that you will hardly forget. If we combine these dishes with the perfect drink, the experience is maximum.

In the world of ham, which is much more traditional than today’s cuisine, marriage also plays a very important role, or as many other experts say: “the harmony“.

The marriage as defined by the statutes is the intimate or harmonious union of two things with each other.

Ham has always been connected to red wine, another star product of our country, but to tell the truth, if we want to enjoy a good Iberian ham, the first type of wine to take into account are the generous ones. These are from western Andalusia, specifically from Jerez el fino and Sanlúcar la manzanilla. Both manage to create a perfect harmony with the ham, enhancing each other’s flavours, without a doubt a sure bet.

Secondly, we would combine a good ham dish with a young red wine or a crianza. Among the characteristics of these is a flavor that is not intense or refined aroma, which helps not mask the flavor of the ham.

On the other hand, there are the reserva wines. These have always been part of the pairing of the ham. It is said that they respect each other, although it is true that since both products have an intense flavour, they can clash or silence the flavour of the ham.

For the more daring, there are always sparkling wines or dry cavas. They are also said to be capable of enhancing the flavour of a good Iberian ham or shoulder.

Try to avoid wines with an intense wood or sweet taste, as they are not at all faithful companions of the ham and may not produce the desired flavours.

Finally, we would like to remind you of Spaniard’s motto: “The best ham is the one you like best”, so take this information as a simple guide, but let yourself go and draw your own conclusions. Don’t forget to share them with us, your experience also interests us.

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