In 2015, although we both worked for the same company, it wasn’t until we started playing for the same football team that we met. Esteban worked as an economist and every time he went to Spain, his colleagues asked him to bring ham and Iberian sausages, “the real one”, which they had tried when he used to bring home from his short trips. Francisco worked as an engineer, he could not understand how Spanish gastronomy did not have the valuation in Germany that was given to French or Italian products.



After visiting several Spanish restaurants, we saw interest in knowing those products that we valued and missed so much from Spain. There was a desire to enjoy Spanish products, but there was a lack of information to appreciate the different nuances and variety of Spanish cuisine. It was then, when we saw clearly what we wanted to achieve together.


In 2017 we decided to found Spaniard with a clear idea: to promote the value and quality of Spanish gastronomy. We do not understand how with 3 Spanish restaurants in the Top 10 of restaurants in the world, according to “The World’s 50 Best”, Spanish products still do not have that recognition and we wanted to help achieving it. In Spain we feel our gastronomy as a fundamental part and a pride of our culture. Many of our happiest moments happen at the dining table. Through taste we are able to remember moments, emotions and places, an experience we want to share with everyone.


Spaniard is not a store. Spaniard is a club. People who share the same hobbies, interests, tastes, come together to do it together. Spaniard is the meeting point for all those people who value quality Spanish products and understand the work behind each of them or want to learn more about them. In this club, we not only put the best products at your disposal, but we show you all their qualities and the best way to enjoy them. So that you just have to decide when and with whom to share them.